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Tour 3: Catania

Catania is the second largest city of the island. To the north-west toeers the Etna over Catania and to the east is the coast. Catania pulsates with live. There are hundreds of restaurants and a lot of places to see, but the city is no touristy place. There is far to much traffic and the buildings are rather dirty, because of the ash that comes from the volcano.

But if you plan to go shopping or to go out in the evening, than you are in the right city. In the evening the smaller roads downtown are not passable for the motor traffic, they are blocked by restaurant tables. Than you can go from pub to pub and enjoy a very nice evening. The streets are filled with people even late at night.

During the day the shops in the „via Etnea“ and the „Corso Sicilia“ offers many possibilities to buy Italian shoes and clothes. The thirsty visitor enjoy a Granita, a kind of drinkable Sorbet (particularly good is almond with coffee) and a Brioche (a kind of Croissant). From one oclock to four oclock the shops are closed, some of the bigger ones are still open, but most of the shops are closed. A good occasion to visit one or two sights or to refresh yourself with a cool drink.

Location and general information:

Catania has an airport named Fontanarossa, which is locates approx. 5 km south the city. There are direct flights to Rome, Milan, Stuttgart, Munich, etc.. The train connections lead too all larger cities on the island and to the big cities of Italy: Palermo, Syrakus, Messina, as well as Rome and Milan. The station is also the starting point of the Etna-train, which goes around the Etna. Motorways lead to Messina (A 18) and toward Palermo (A 19). Catania is the province capital and has approx. 400,000 inhabitants.


Approx. 4 km south of the city there is the beach: Lido Plaia. In the summertime many catanese people drive there during lunch time, to enjoy a little refreshment.


In the city center there is the „Piazza del Duomo“ with its elephant well. The cathedral Sant Ágata and the Castello Ursino, a dark castle/fortification built in the year 1239 from lava, are worth seeing. In the castle is also the Museo Civico with local finds: Roman sculptures, porcelain goods and a weapon collection. Of course there is more to see.

left: A Park in Catania. A little Oasis to relax.
Abb. rechts: The Elephant is a symbol of the city.
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