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Tour 7: Gola dell Alcántara

Another nature spectacle is the canyon of the river Alcantara. A visit to the river with its waterfalls and the spectacular cliffs are a breath-taking experience. An overwhelming beauty of nature, particularly the “Gola dell Alcantara” is really worth seeing, a ravine with only 5 meters width and up to 50 meters height.

How to get there...

The canyon is southeast of the city Francavilla (SS 185). Next to the parking place you can borrow the necessary equipment: A pair of rubber boots. With an elevator or over a footpath you can make your way down to the river.

left: Rapids in the Alcántara canyon.
middle: On your way back you can float in the river.
right: The Guide gives Instructions for your safety.
left: At some points you have to swim
middle: At other points you have to climb.
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