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The porch invites you to a breakfast under the warm Italian sun.

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Sitting room
In the sitting room you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa and let the day come to a peaceful end.

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Bed room
The master bed room furnished in the classical Sicilian style.

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The kitchen has a cooker/oven, fridge and a working space. From here you can reach the small bed room, the sitting room and the bathroom.

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Small bed room
From the kitchen you reach the small bed room, with two additional single beds.

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The bathroom contains a shower, a sink and a toilet.

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From the grounds you have a lovely view of the ruined castle nearby.

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The front entrance of the house: One door leads to the sitting room, the other to the bed room.

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Olive and lemon trees grow in the garden. When the fruits are ripe you can pick them, eat them and take them home to make all your friends envy.

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