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Conditions of rent

If you have sent us the booking form, than you will receive a confirmation letter in the next weeks. There is always the probability that two bookings were made at the same time. In this case the booking which we receive first has the right to rent the house.

When do you have to pay the rent?

Please transfer the money 14 Days after receiving our confirmation letter. Information about the bank account you will find in the letter.

Are there additional costs?

When you arrive at the house we will turn over the keys to you, at that moment we request a deposit of 150,- Euro. Electricity and water, as well as towels and quilt cover are already included in the rent. We will give the deposit back at the moment you are moving out of the holiday home. Provided that there are no damages caused by you in the meantime and there are no soilings. The heating costs extra. There are two small gas ovens. The cost per gas cylinder is 25,- Euro. Turning on the heating could be necessary between October and April.

In what kind of condition I have to turn back the House?

Please leave the house in a tidy state, there should be no dirty bathroom and no dirty dishes in the sink. If the house is in a bad condition we are forced to keep 70,- Euro of the deposit to pay the costs for the cleaning.

When ca n move-in?

On your day of arrival the house is free to enter from 12:00 o clock. On your day of departure you have to leave the house at ten o clock. That gives us still two hours to prepare the house for the next lodgers.

Is it allowed to bring pets?

We are sorry to say that there are no dogs allowed in the house. Other kinds of animal are allowed. Please send us a short note via email to ask us beforehand what kind of animal you want to bring on your vacation.

How do I find the Holiday house?

To find the house easily we provide you with a detailed description and a map. You will find these in your confirmation letter. If you have problems anyhow, you can call us anytime. We will do everything to help you.

How do I receive the keys to the house ?

You will receive the keys directly in the house. Please tell us in advance the times of arrival and departure. Most likely you will need 2,5 Hours from your arrival-time at the airport to the time when you arrive at the holiday house. It takes only one hour driving from the Catania airport to the holiday house, but you will need some time to get your luggage at the airport and renting a car takes time as well.

Please don´t arrive later than 23:00 in Calatabiano. If you are late it would be very kind to give us notice: 0049-731-1764 888

Should I rent a car ?

We would strongly recommend renting a car. The beach in Giardini Naxos is not that far away, but being mobile is something very convenient and there are a lot of sights around, which you can only reach by car. Public transports are not very reliable and this could lead to stress. You can park the car on the property of the holiday house. In the section - rental car you will find some more information and some links to the topic.

If you have further question, than just send an email to Oliver Brühl, we will answer as soon as possible: Email

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